Solitaire – Grand Harvest FAQs

  1. Can I play offline/without Internet connection?

    Yes, you can 🙂

  2. I cannot make any purchases!

    – First, please make sure you are connected to the Internet! You cannot purchase anything if you are not online!
    – Make sure you have a valid payment method! Please double check if your credit card data is correct and if you still have credit left. If you use pre-paid cards, make sure you have enought money left.

  3. I have purchased credits but they were not added to the credit meter.

    Your credits are transferred via the Internet. If you have an unstable or slow connection, it might take a while. Please close the app, wait 5 minutes, make sure you are online (!) and start the app again. Your credits should be there now. If there is still a problem and you are absolutely sure that they are not, please use the “Contact support” button, describe your problem and send the support mail.

  4. How do I reset my device?

    For Apple/iOS: Please have a look >here<
    For Samsung/Motorola/HTC/LG/Android: There is a myriad of different Android devices on the market. Each manufacturer uses a different method. Please go to and enter a search phrase like “How do I reset XYZ”, where XYZ is the name of your device.
    For example type “How do I reset Samsung Galaxy S6”. You can find the name of your device typically on the box that it was packed in or on your purchase receipt.

  5. I have no idea what this +3 card does, or the card that changes its value, or why some levels are scrolling to the right, or what this bomb does?

    There is help inside the app. Please tap the green button with the 3 lines on the lower left corner of the screen. Then tap “Settings & Help”. Then tap “Game rules”. You can find answers to the game there.

  6. I have not found an answer to my question…

    No problem, our support is here to help! Please contact them
    They are looking forward to help you!



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